EPWN is a dynamic fast-growing offline and online networking and leadership development platform for professional women of all sectors and industries. With almost 3000 members and more than 90 nationalities, EPWN organizes over 600 events a year in 22 cities: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels, Copenhagen, Dublin, Frankfurt – Munich, Istanbul, London, Lisbon, Lyon, Madrid, Marseille-Provence Milan, Nice-Côte ‘Azur, Oslo, Paris, Romania, Stockholm, Zug & Zurich, Vienna and Warsaw

EPWN has published 11 books in the Women@Work series and has been widely quoted in the media as opinion leaders on women’s professional progress.


We all know that we need more women on company boards. More and more research demonstrates very clearly that progress on the number of senior businesswomen would bring huge benefits – not just for women, but for men, business and the bottom line.

Despite this, progress can be painfully slow. In the UK, the numbers of women being appointed to board-level roles in top organisations has actually slowed, as it has in many other countries. It is well past the hour that we debate this general principle, or even argue about whether we need quotas or targets. We need practical, global resources which allow employers to access some of the world’s most capable and Board ready female talent. This is why EPWN is so proud to announce that we have teamed up with the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC) and BlueSteps.com to help executive search consultants advance gender diversity on corporate boards. Read the full press release here.

Womensphere Global Summit 2013

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And, according to Marijo, it’s all thanks TO YOU!

Federation Board President, Marijo Bos was honnored to be presented with an award from the Womensphere Foundation, after she had delivered an insightful presentation on Inspiration. Womensphere’s annual Global Summit took place at the end of May and they will also be taking EPWN to the US when they will reannounce the award to the American people at the end of September.

The award recognises Marijo’s inspirational leadership – and anyone who has ever met with Marijo will understand why. That said, Marijo is not willing to accept the award for herself and has openly stated that she believes that EPWN solid growth, under her leadership, has happened as a result of all of the fantastic volunteers that have collectively contributed to EPWN’s sustainable growth.

As volunteers, you contribute well over €3M worth of salaried staff – only you do it for the cause, and not to get paid. EPWN members, corporate partners and allies, WE SALUTE YOU ALL – this award was accepted on your behalf! THANK YOU!

Gloria Lorenzo

VP Executive Programmes, EPWN Federation Board


Telling stories to young children helps develop imagination and the ability to think creatively –and that holds true for adults too!

We want to tell the story of EPWN and we’re reaching out to you – Women and Men who are connected with EPWN – whether you be partners, members, or stakeholders – we want to hear real experiences on how the network has supported you in your personal and professional growth.

Meet Gloria Lorenzo – she’s the EPWN Federation Board VP of Executive Programmes. Gloria’s story really resonated with us and we think it will inspire others. We’re certain that more of you out there have equally compelling stories to tell! Please take a moment to share your story with us so others can learn how to leverage our vast resources and tools.


EPWN’s AGM 2013 has wrapped up for another year. The EPWN Federation Board and EPWN Lisbon hosted 32 network leaders and board members. The two-day event focused on celebrating successes, sharing best practices, and planning for the future…more news to come. More


Madrid 2013

WOMEN MATTER was the key message at the EPWN Madrid event in collaboration with McKinsey’s newest report on the topic. Women Matter research results give clear evidence that organizations are more active on women’s programs than ever, and the state of programs is comprehensive. More

Charlotte Sweeney, President of EPWN London


Welcomes EPWN, Cisco, Shell, Unilever and others

“The End of Diversity as We Know It” was the keynote speaker’s theme for this year. The focus, he thought, should be on leveraging difference to drive business strategy rather than managing diversity as part of Talent Management. Some key questions he asked included “Are diversity and inclusion two sides of the same coin?”, ... More


EPWN is collaborating with European Business Schools, The Financial Times and others on the Global Board Ready Women Directory because we see it as a powerful call to ACTION and a GLOBAL initiative to move the needle on the topic of DIVERSITY and GOOD GOVERNANCE. We chose not to sit on the sidelines as GBRW launched given our mission to push the progress of women. We see this as a great tool to give women, our members more control of their career paths.

EPWN elects not to state a Federation-wide opinion on quotas, for or against. Our leaders and members have their own personal viewpoints and we welcome this diverse thought on the topic. We do want to break the perpetual mirror image recruiting that takes place in the boardroom today in order to drive good governance, and this requires that we open closed networks.

Read more on why GBRW, and all press coverage relating to this exciting initiative.

How will you rise to your challenges in 2013?

One of the best ways to achieve your dreams is to ensure you have a network of people who can inspire and support your progress. Not only can our network provide that support, but it also provides volunteering opportunities that will develop your professional skills. Renew your membership today – to ensure continued access to events, seminars, volunteering opportunities and valuable connections – all of which will stimulate, challenge, support and develop you in 2013.

Past event

2nd EPWN Lisbon Annual Meeting “Growth, Diversity and Talent”

Lisbon, 8th November 2012


As the President of EPWN, a business network spanning 15 counties, 22 cities, and nearly 2500+ members, I’m often faced with the question, does EPWN support legislated quotas and if so, will we support campaigns promoting quota legislation. More


Nearly 800 people responded to the “EPWN Women on Board Quotas survey: Pro or Con”. Thanks for sharing your point of view! We posted simple questions for two weeks for both our members (20% responded) and non-members (friends, colleagues, men/women outside of the Federation). More


EPWN Switzerland Zug & Zurich launched on July 10th. Key speakers for the event were Eleanor Tabi Haller-Jorden General Manager of Catalyst Europe, Vivian Wang – President LifeScan EMEA Johnson & Johnson and Anna Farrenkopf co-VP Mentoring EPWN Federation Board. EPWN Zug – Switzerland is the first European City Network in Switzerland. “We are excited to launch the first EPWN city network in Switzerland and welcome over 100 global minded professional women at our kick off event in canton Zug”, says Muriel Bekto, President, “Close to 50 of them joined as EPWN members in just one month. Johnson & Johnson endorsed our vision and mission and became our Gold Sponsor. This shows that women in Switzerland are ready for a change and we arrived just in time!”. Welcome video from Marijo Bos – Federation President, uploaded to the EPWN YouTube Channel.

You can follow the new network on: Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and Xing

EPWN & Mentoring

Most studies on professional career progress insist on the importance of mentors. One of EuropeanPWN’s key missions is to encourage mentoring among members, and to encourage members to seek out senior mentors both within and outside their companies.
EPWN Mentorig Manual
More information

1st Pan European Event in the News!

Video made by BUSINESS & TV

EPWN connected more than 200 of its leaders and stakeholders across cultures, generations, genders, functions and sectors….and on Feb. 10, TOGETHER, we pushed the progress of women in business! The 1st Pan European event held in Madrid and titled, Tapping Into Talent, linked more than 15 partners/sponsors, 20 speakers from Women on Boards to the women and men across the leadership pipeline, entrepreneurs, authors, futurists and EPWN members and guests from 18 countries. More info

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Federation Board Positions Open – EPWN Global Growth & Sustainability

Are you interested, or can you recommend someone to be part of a leadership team, dedicated to advancing women in business? Have you been a member of a city board and now want to offer your expertise and skills to a wider stakeholder group? Join our exceptional Board of senior business people and help shape the future of EPWN in a global landscape.

We’d love to get your feedback and ideas in preparation for the annual general meeting in April, where our 22 network leaders come together to plan the growth and sustainability of our network, and select new Board members. More


Going Global, EPWN’s 22nd city network
We were delighted to see 125 professional Turkish ladies at the launch of EPWN Istanbul on 06 February 2013, sponsored by three of our Corporate Partners: RBS, Mercer and Schneider Electric (senior professionals from which are taking active roles in the Istanbul Network) and co-sponsored by the new Le Meridien Hotel Istanbul. More

Amsterdam Celebrates 25 years of Success!

By Caroline van LeuvenPresident EuropeanPWN-Amersterdam
Is 25 really old? Yes, by Amsterdam standards! The EuropeanPWN chapter created in 1986 is the city’s oldest women’s network. The Amsterdam chapter threw a gala event on November 12th in a beautiful decorated 17th Century church – the Koepelkerk with some 130 members and guests. Check the pictures: stunning! More

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