URGENT: Call for volunteers!

Two leaders wanted for the Prix Entrepreneure Responsable 2013: to launch the Prix in September (preparation in June) with the help of the team in place and to organize the “and the winner is…” event. If you are interested or if you know somebody who might be (even outside of the network), please let us know and feel free to contact us about your participation.

BEST OF! Do you know a good writer? The Best Of 2012 team is looking for a native English speaking volunteer to write and edit the final version of the program and collaborate with Creative Director, Susan Lewis, and others on the communication materials for the event. It is a great way to get involved with the network and work on EuropeanPWN’s most important annual event. If you are interested in this fun and rewarding experience, please call Susan at +33 6 09 84 72 06 or susan@susan-lewis.com

The Events team is looking for a creative person to help define a new networking cocktail concept and roll it out. Kindly contact ghislaine.fegergunge@gmail.com ,VP Events, for more information

Paris MarCom team is looking for a volunteer to join our team and manage the newsletter, hand in hand with Meggan Dissly acting Newsletter Editor and our VP Marcom. It is a great opportunity to meet people internally and externally as you will propose topics and strategic directions, contact the authors and contributors, manage the monthly planning. A few hours during the preparatory phase + 2 or 3 more when launching. Please contact eva.lozano@adkimist.com

Working hand in hand with Anne-Pierre Guignard, Paola Escamilla and our VP Marcom, you will actively contribute to keeping active our soon-to-be-launched Paris accounts. This is a fun project, doable easily, including participation to our social media strategy, analysis of the stats and spreading the content sent by our members/clubs/subcommittees. A few moments daily and a few emails per week mainly. Please contact eva.lozano@adkimist.com

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