Newsletter February 2008

Editorial: From reinforcing to reframing

The existence of stereotypes is like the elephant at the table; everybody knows about it but nobody talks about it. And like the parable of the blind men each touching a part of the elephant without knowing the full picture, it leads to incompleteness and inaccuracies.
We all carry stereotypes in our minds and are often looking for the data that reinforces them, consciously and subconsciously. The inevitability of this process crossed my mind when reading the recent report of the European Commission Women and Men in Decision-making 2007
It reports on data that can be interpreted as reinforcing some of the persistent stereotypes out there again. More

  ORANGE - Corporate Partner EuropeanPWN

New corporate partner: Orange

We are proud to welcome Orange as our new Gold Partner for 2008.


Research: EU Report “Women and Men in Decision-Making 2007”

Latest analysis of the situation and trends regarding women and men in decision-making functions in government, politics, business, judiciary, parliaments and public administration. For the business section the report builds on data from our EuropeanPWN BoardWomenMonitor, see page 30 of the full report


Think Tank: Think Tank Groups Survey on International Mobility

EuropeanPWN Think Tank Group Mobility/Dual Career launches a new survey to gather information on international assignments. The objective is to depict values and issues of mobility for women: such knowledge being useful for HR departments when working on career paths and mobility items, as well as for women themselves when planning their career and preparing an international assignment.


The survey targets any woman having lived an expatriation, whether as the assignee or as the accompanying spouse. To complete the survey click here (approx. 4 minutes); if you know other women who might be in our scope, we would highly appreciate it if you could forward – this information!
The survey can be completed until end of April.

More information on the Mobility/Dual Career Think Tank Group here or for members or contact the co-leaders Emmanuelle Muller, Isabelle Jammot or Ann Bouisset.

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In the Press: EuropeanPWN

Following the publication of our 8th book in the Women@Work series Women on Boards – Moving Mountains numerous articles have been published across Europe. The article ‘Business misses the female touch’ in The Independent on 7 December 2007 (UK) mentions that the book has identified the key issues which hold women back from striving for a board position such as lack of visibility and lack of experience. It also highlights the fact that companies need to become more creative and take more risks in this area. Here is a summary of the wide variety of messages the press picked up on so far More


February poll and cartoon



January’s poll asked: “If you had only one wish for 2008, how would you change your business life?”

While it must have been difficult to whittle down the possibilities to just one wish, 140 of you cast your votes in a flush of New Year motivation, rating everything from goals for the future right down to the details of your immediate working environment. More


Network News: Launch of new networks

After the successful start of the network in Frankfurt in January, Düsseldorf and Berlin have set their dates for the launch events on 14 April and 7 April respectively. Top women as keynote speakers combined with presentations on ‘What is EuropeanPWN all about’ provide an excellent opportunity for interested women executives to learn, share experiences and network with peers. One of EuropeanPWN’s unique selling points is that members of any network are invited to attend any of our 600 events across Europe, including the launch events of sister networks in Germany. So mark these dates in your travel itinerary and invite guests to come along. See the website to keep updated on the developments.


Upcoming Events

TIAW Global Cities Program, London, May 14
The TIAW Global Cities Program is a gathering of leaders and members of women’s networks in their region to discuss topical issues relating to economic empowerment and to learn from each other. The inaugural event will be held in Europe – at a premier location in London with a prestigious speaker at a luncheon on May 14, hosted by Women in Banking and Finance. More

Global Summit of Women 2008: Women and Asia: Driving the Global Economy – June 5-7, Hanoi, Vietnam
Global Summit of Women 2008
EuropeanPWN members receive a 5% discount. Discount deadline May 5th, 2008

Save the Date!
First EuropeanPWN’s Members Conference will be held on Friday June 13, in Paris.
All members across Europe are invited for a one-day programme of inspiration, connection, learning and meeting members.

EuropeanPWN Annual General Assembly 2008 on June 27-28 in Milan, hosted by PWA Milan
Annual gathering of the EuropeanPWN Board and all presidents of the network to discuss strategy, results and action plans.


Join EuropeanPWN!

Join Europe’s most vibrant network for professional women linking over 3500 members across Europe in on-line networking and regular speaker events in 17 cities. More


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