Newsletter April 2008

Editorial: Networking makes the world go around

There are as many definitions of networking as there are networkers and even more opinions about the value of networking. Some of us start running for the door when the word comes up, expecting aggressive selling and overwhelming promotions of less than average products by people with more than average ‘flux de bouche’. After all, if you or your product is that good, you don’t need to sell them because people will actually come up and hire you or buy your product just like that. So why network? More


New Corporate Partner: We are happy to welcome Sodexo as our new Silver Partner for 2008

Rohini Anand, Senior Vice President and Group Chief Diversity Officer Sodexho, based in the USA, explains the reasons for choosing EuropeanPWN as partner’: “Sodexo is very excited about the partnership with the European Professional Women’s Network (EuropeanPWN). We believe that EuropeanPWN can help women in our organization to network externally and internally, to share best practices and to engage in professional development. EuropeanPWN is a valuable resource for any organization in Europe that not only wants to address issues of diversity and inclusion, but more importantly, be leaders in this space. Sodexo is committed to being addressing diversity and inclusion and to being a benchmark and we know that EuropeanPWN will help us in our journey.”


Women leading change: Elvira Luykx

How a communications professional became the driving force of a sports innovation programme, teaming up with Olympic athletes from all over the world.
A personal interview with Elvira Luykx, Director Media Relations & Sponsoring at DSM. More


Think Tank


Recognition and reward for efforts key to women’s career satisfaction

The Think Tank Group “What is it like for working women in your country” has finalized its survey. It concludes that women, across regions and demographics, desire first and foremost work environments which are, ideally, meritocratic and reward them fairly vis-à-vis their male colleagues for their efforts. However, most women believe this type of environment does not reflect reality due to the large pay-gap that continues to exist between men and women. Achieving parity in pay is a much more important driver of career satisfaction for women than ensuring strong social benefits, such as government run programs, child care, etc… more


Female expats in Europe say they are mostly happy

In a survey of more than 200 women living abroad, 74 percent said they were satisfied or very satisfied with their lives while only 12 percent said they weren’t. Foreign women living in Switzerland, France and Belgium ranked the highest in satisfaction levels while those in Spain and Germany polled the lowest. More


In the News: Spanish cabinet boasts more women than men

Following the examples of Scandinavian countries, Spain’s prime minister Zapatero has appointed more women than men to his new cabinet on April 12. Zapatero not only broke his country’s record, but also a worldwide prejudice by selecting the first female Minister of Defence, Carme Chacon.
Marijo Bos, president of EuropeanPWN – Madrid: “This is an exciting time for women in business in Spain. Zapatero is clearly a leader whose mandate is to drive change and innovation in a country that often seems surprised by the rapid pace of change. The fact that he’s leveraging and relying on a diverse group of female leaders that is indicative of half the country (50/50 male/female) is impressive. It’s often noted that over time more diverse teams drives increased innovation, creative solutions and ideas….Zapatero’s decision to do just seems to be a business decision that’s in line with this thinking.”


EuropeanPWN surveys: closing end of April, don’t forget answering

Our two current surveys will close at the end of April, so please take a few minutes to fill them and pass the information to those of your connections who might be interested: How do women network? (approx. 10 minutes) and International Mobility (approx. 4 minutes)


April Polls: Serving on a Board and Networking for Business

Would you serve on a corporate or not-for-profit board now or in the future?

How much time do you spend in networking for business each week?


March Poll Debrief: Against stress, women chose Sport, then Sleep, Massage, Friends and Music

It is interesting to see that while this poll’s number of propositions were many, it also gathered the more respondents then usual (134 compared to an average of 80). How to counter stress is definitely a subject of interest for women in business! More


Network News & Miscellaneous

EuropeanPWN President Mirella Visser has been invited to address the XII St. Petersburg International Economic Forum on June 7 on the topic of what opportunities women’s view brings to business, state administration and politics. Please see for more details and the program

Launch Event European Professional Women’s Network, Düsseldorf
From switching a membership to setting up a network” – Sjannie Hulsman, President of EuropeanPWN-Düsseldorf, reports… More


Upcoming Events

Global Summit of Women 2008: Women and Asia: Driving the Global Economy – June 5-7, Hanoi, Vietnam
Global Summit of Women 2008
EuropeanPWN members receive a 5% discount. Discount deadline May 5th, 2008

Save the Date!
First EuropeanPWN’s Members Conference will be held on Friday June 13, in Paris.
All members across Europe are invited for a one-day programme of inspiration, connection, learning and meeting members. Key note speakers will be Ana Maria Llopis Rivas, who serves on various Boards.

EuropeanPWN Annual General Assembly 2008 on June 27-28 in Milan, hosted by PWA Milan
Annual gathering of the EuropeanPWN Board and all presidents of the network to discuss strategy, results and action plans.


W.I.N. Global Leadership Forum – Sitges, Barcelona – Spain, Sept 18-20
Inspire and be inspired
Be a part of the W.I.N. annual global forum, as outstanding professionals and senior executive women meet in Sitges on Spain’s Catalonian coast to look at the critical role women have to play in shaping the future. The event provides women leaders with the vision, strategies, skills and network needed to succeed in today’s world. Register and benefit from a 100 Euro discount for members of EuropeanPWN. More


Join EuropeanPWN!

Join Europe’s most vibrant network for professional women linking over 3500 members across Europe in on-line networking and regular speaker events in 17 cities. More


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