Getting to know a corporate partner: State Street, with Myriam Oufella

Myriam Oufella is EuropeanPWN member and Senior Project Manager State Street Bank

Meggan Dissly, EuropeanPWN Public Affairs Officer, spoke with Myriam Oufella about the prospects for the budding partnership between State Street Bank and EuropeanPWN

M.D.: Was there a particular reason for State Street to enter into partnership with EuropeanPWN?

M.O.: State Street has 450 employees in Paris and 27,700 employees worldwide.  A company of this size needs to find ways to build internal cohesion and at the same time be outward looking.  A program called "Global Inclusion"* created employee networks that bring together different groups of people who have a common goal. The networks provide opportunities for members to increase their visibility across the company and allow State Street to benefit from their unique perspectives. Examples in Paris are African, Well-at-Work and Toastmasters networks.

In 2008 I proposed the creation of a women's network as part of this program, which was accepted. The next step was to open the new network to the outside. EuropeanPWN is attractive because it is international and offers activities that interest high-level State Street Bank women, from the Vice-President level down to more junior women who are serious about their career development.

M.D.: How does the internal women's network function?

M.O.: We organize workshops, about four a year, on different themes and invite outside coaches to lead them. The workshops are designed to give women the tools they need to develop their leadership and communication skills. The themes can be very specific, such as tips on how to prepare the end of year evaluation.  Women get feedback from others and find this useful. About 25 people come to the workshops, which take place on the lunch hour.

M.D.: Where does EuropeanPWN fit into the picture?

M.O.: The partnership with EuropeanPWN is a test.  State Street is interested in the program of activities offered by the network and we are hoping that the women will find the time to take full advantage of it. Ten of our most active members in the internal network have received membership and so far the feedback has been positive. At least five of them are already very active within EuropeanPWN. 

M.D.:  Are there any specific projects for collaboration with EuropeanPWN?

M.O.: We are completely open to proposals. State Street was a sponsor for the Best of in 2009.  On our side there is a particular interest in the cross-mentoring program with other corporate partners and in activities that will encourage contacts with other sponsors.  We will participate in the joint EuropeanPWN/ESSEC event on June 11th.   We need to keep discussing other ways to collaborate with our EuropeanPWN partners. 

 *Inclusion and diversity are strategic imperatives at State Street.  As a global company, what we value most about our more than 27,000 employees are the qualities that make them unique - their experiences, interests and capabilities. Global Inclusion is our company-wide effort to ensure that every one of our employees feels engaged and valued by recognizing and utilizing their unique talents


Myriam Oufella is Senior Project Manager at State Street Bank since 2004. Before joining State Street she was Project Manager at AXA and Junior Financial Analyst at Associes en Finance. She holds a DEA Markets et Financial Intermediaires in Finance and is a chartered Financial Analyst by the CFA Institute. Myriam speaks French, English and Arabic. Her hobbies are running and reading; family and her 2 sons keep her busy (one is 11 months and the other one is 5 years).

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